The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes
The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes
The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

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Author: Pett, Mark

Brand: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Edition: 1


  • Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 32

Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Release Date: 04-10-2011

Details: Product description Handpicked by Amazon kids’ books editor, Seira Wilson, for Prime Book Box – a children’s subscription that inspires a love of reading. Being Perfect Is Overrated Beatrice Bottomwell has NEVER (not once!) made a mistake. She never forgets her math homework, she never wears mismatched socks, and she ALWAYS wins the yearly talent show at school. In fact, the entire town calls her The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes! One day, the inevitable happens: Beatrice makes a huge mistake in front of everyone! But in the end, readers (and perfectionists) will realize that life is more fun when you enjoy everything―even the mistakes. From the award-winning children's book author Mark Pett: The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes is the perfect find for parents looking for teacher gifts or award winning children's books for their own collections. This book teaches growth mindset in a fun way, in the spirit of Your Fantastic Elastic Brain and Beautiful Oops. Like the little heroes in Rosie Revere Engineer, Most Magnificent Thing, and The Day the Crayons Quit, little Beatrice Bottomwell is an inspiration for kids who dream big. Praise for The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes: "Beatrice offers a lesson we could all benefit from: learn from your mistakes, let go, laugh, and enjoy the ride." ―Jennifer Fosberry, New York Times bestselling author of My Name Is Not Isabella "This funny and heartfelt book conveys a powerful message about how putting too much pressure on yourself to be perfect can suck the joy out of everything. Beatrice's discovery that you can laugh off even a very public mistake shows the importance of resiliency and helps perfectionist kids keep things in perspective. Most importantly, Beatrice reminds the reader that it's more important to enjoy the things that you do than worry about doing them perfectly." ―A Mighty Girl "The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes is a must-read for any young (or old!) perfectionist. Beatrice Bottomwell is perfectly imperfect!" ―Stephanie Oppenheim, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio "It's fun and instructive without feeling overly didactic and the illustrations are darling." ―Parenting magazine "This book will help little perfectionists see that making mistakes is okay, and it can be a lot of fun too!" ―Kids Book Blog Review "A refreshing fable that assures kids it's OK to mess up once in a while -- but doesn't beat them over the head with the moral. The mom's take: Gary Rubinstein's tale of a 9-year-old perfectionist is a refreshing fable that assures kids it's OK to mess up once in a while -- but doesn't beat them over the head with the moral. Mark Pett's gentle cartoon illustrations liven up even more the story of an ordinary-looking girl who clings to her image of being anything but ordinary. The kid's take: When my 7-year-old son...finished, he sat with a thoughtful look on his face for a moment -- then reopened the book to read it through again. If that's not a recommendation, I don't know what is." - The Oregonian Parenting Blog " this book might be one way to help them see that trying to be perfect can get in the way of having fun and being creative, and that absolutely no one is perfect. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes is a fun book with an important message that never gets in the way of the good story. Elementary age children are sure to both enjoy and benefit from this delightful book." - Wrapped in Foil "I hope that there are more Beatrice Bottomwell stories on the way because my girls will enjoy them tremendously! Thank you Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein for teaching the kids that you don't have to be perfect all the time! We love this book! " - Supermom Reviews "This book has become one of our favorite books to read together my girls and me. I would love to thank Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein for such an inspiring story. I love this book... I feel it really helps to teach children, and maybe even remind adults that no matter how perfect someone may seem, that really every one makes mistakes." - Real Adventures from a Mom of 3 "The best part of this book was the message sent. That you don't have to be perfect, that making mistakes is okay and you sure can have a lot more fun if you allow yourself not to worry so much about messing up. Overall this is a great book that I'm sure my children will enjoy for the next several years." - Candace's Book Blog "There are about a hundred ways the story of a perfect child could go wrong. Fortunately, Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein don't fall into any of the traps. Instead, they offer a delightful picture book about a girl who has perfected perfectionism. Flawless." - Argus-Leader "I have to say, I was really impressed by this book. The story is cute and the illustrations are beautiful. Most importantly, it was a hit with the kids." - The Suburban Princess Diaries "If there is one book you read to your little ones this year - this is it!!! And this book is perfect for showing them how mistakes can be normal AND even funny!! Pett's illustrations are wonderful at capturing the feelings of the kids in the book - they are simple and yet full of emotion. Thank you, Pett and Rubinstein, for showing us perfectionists that it's ok to NOT be perfect all the time!! Where was this book when I was a kid anyway!?!?!? " - In The Pages "It's fun and instructive without feeling overly didactic and the illustrations are darling. Look for it in a book store or library near you. " - Parenting "this book was not only a great fit for my children to learn from, but me too. Let's face it we all make mistakes and we all need to learn how to deal with that. I make plenty...daily. My kids are young and I want them to learn it's ok." - Giveaway Blogdom About the Author Writer and illustrator Mark Pett lives in Nevada with his wife and children. Every February, the family draws five random digits from a hat and travels to whatever zip code it makes. He has illustrated several books and is the creator of the syndicated comic strips Mr. Lowe and Lucky Cow. Gary Rubinstein teaches high school math by day and is occasionally a comedian by night. In addition to co-authoring this book, he has written two guidebooks for new teachers. He lives in New York City with his wife, Erica, and his daughter, Sarah. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. For Beatrice Bottomwell, Friday began like any other day. She matched her socks. And, of course, she put her shoes on their proper feet. She remembered to feed her hamster, Humbert, his favorite food, broccoli. And when she made a sandwich for her brother Carl's lunch, she used exactly the same amount of peanut butter as jelly. When she stepped outside to greet her fans, she didn't forget to say "good morning" and "thank you." They asked if she made her bed. She had. They asked if she forgot to do her math homework. Nope. "What about tonight's talent show?" they asked. "I'm ready!" said Beatrice with a smile. After all, her juggling act had won three years in a row. Most people in town didn't even know Beatrice's name. They just called her "the Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes," because for as long as anyone could remember, she never did.

Languages: English