Hope for the Flowers
Hope for the Flowers

Hope for the Flowers

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Author: Trina Paulus

Brand: Paulist Press

Color: Yellow

Edition: 1


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Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 160

Publisher: Paulist Press

Release Date: 01-05-1973

Details: Product description Hope's theme of life, moving through seeming death to a new and more beautiful life, has touched the hearts of millions of people. Hope for the Flowers is for young and old, lovers, husbands and wives. It's a book to learn to read with, or to comfort those who are dying or grieving. In the tale, the caterpillar heroes, Stripe and Yellow, want something more from life than eating and growing bigger. They get caught up in a "caterpillar pillar," a squirming mass of bodies, each determined to reach a top so far away it can't be seen. Finally disillusioned, they discover that the way for the caterpillars to find their particular "more," who they really are, is to enter the cocoon and "...risk for the butterfly." Hope for the Flowers has helped people gain the courage to leave jobs, change their lives and explore their love for another human being. Two million copies in print. Review A wonderful new myth book. -- Woman's Day I read it with deep appreciation for its message and for Trina Paulus' skill in communicating in words and pictures. -- Coretta Scott King About the Author Trina Paulus, already an artist, philosopher, sculptor and community builder when she wrote Hope for the Flowers, has lived an unconventional life including over a decade at Grailville, an educational center and organic farm in Loveland, Ohio. She has spent time abroad with the international Grail Movement in France and Akhmin, Egypt, where she helped start a women’s weaving and embroidery co-op. She is vice-president of Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute and Cornucopia Network of New Jersey. Her home in New Jersey is a hub of environmental action and learning.

Languages: English