Fair-Trade Coffee Sugar Scrub

Fair-Trade Coffee Sugar Scrub

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This luxurious butter scrub is made of freshly roasted organic Haitian coffee, fine cane sugar, and lustrous coconut oil and Shea butter. It smells like a cup of coffee by the beach. It renews your skin to and surely leaves it silky and fresh.

Created by fair-trade company Caribbrew, this scrub has exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties that may improve blood flow, stimulate fresh skin cells to remove old flaky skin! 

How to use:

After showering, rub a handful of the scrub in a circular motion on your skin, rinse off, and pat with a dry towel to remove excess water! Enjoy smooth glowing skin!

> 2-ounce jar

> You may receive either a coconut rum or peppermint mocha scent

> Good for about a year after purchase

> Use bi-weekly. Not recommended for face. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest!